Saint John the oldest "Incorporated" city. It was amalgamated in 1785. The Loyalists landed there between 1783-5. It has the oldest police force, I believe, and also has the most people of Irish descent. Samuel de Champlain sailed up the Fleuve Saint Jean on jour Saint Jean Baptiste in 1604. He named the whole Maritime area Saint Jean. PEI was Isle de Saint Jean. (So technically it is Saint Jean) They spent their first winter on Dochet Island (Isle St Croix) in the St Croix river near St Andrews NB, where 3/4's of them died - moving to Port Royale (Annapolis Royal) in 1605 where they established a permanent settlement.

On tradition - in the Maritimes it has to be StFX. Don Loney was the Father of Maritime Football - inventing The Atlantic Bowl & co-inventing the Vanier Cup!! He also went 8 seasons undefeated at X.