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I will never be convinced...completely.

Like I said, bouncing the ball through the end zone or tackling the returner (or if he concedes) is a GREAT part of our game.

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But as it sits now you get a point for missing a field goal. You get a point for FAILING to do something.
Still disagree... if that's the case Mac should have won... they missed the FG... but didn't get any points. You don't get points for failing... You can get the points for something else. Like kicking the ball past the goal line, and preventing the other team from fielding it.

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Even worse, you could win a game in the dying seconds by lining up at the 10 yard line and punting the ball out of the end zone. How difficult is that?
I honestly don't see why lining up at the 10 and kicking a field goal is so much more of an accomplishment. In the end the other team has every opportunity to score points with the rouge as well. If it comes down to the last play of the game, maybe it's the other team's fault for not having used it earlier... and if you don't want the other team to score that way... prevent them from crossing half.

If they get into range of being able to kick it into the endzone, your defense hasn't been fully successful, so why shouldn't the other team have a chance to win when your defense hasn't done their job?