Hi all, first time poster here. FYI, Disclaimer: I am a Western Fan, but more importantly, I'm a HUGE CIS fan!

Ok, now that that's out of the way, let's get the pot stirring for the upcoming Windsor, Western game. In my mind two things make this game tough to call (i) who will be playing and (ii) this is the first time these teams have seen each other.

In my mind, Windsor is playing like beasts at the moment and UWO is 'barely' hanging on... the momentum of both teams are clearly going in opposite directions.

That said, this is playoffs, and I believe this year especially, that home field advantage is huge (mind you after the Ottawa beat down last year that is debatable too!). Also, rest is a big factor as Western has essentially taken 2 weeks off (sorry Queens, but it's true )

Although I hope Western wins , I am thrilled that Windsor is competitive again. I was at both UWO/Windsor games where Windsor handed it to Western twice , both at homecoming and the playoffs. So no matter what the outcome of Saturday's game, I smell a renewed rivalry on the horizon!