Yes, it's true. The most authoritative rankings in Canadian university football have started for another year. To bring fans together, I present to you a very patriotic young lady:


Everybody should refer to the first post and the final poll from the 2010 thread. Don't be surprised if the trip down memory lane doesn't bring a tear to your eye. Ahhh, memories.

The important point to remember is this one:
9. When I do this: You do this:

Calgary 49 Alberta 14
Regina 15 Manitoba 7
Menlo 39 UBC 13
Saskatchewan 34 Windsor 23
Bishop's 33 York 15
McGill 37 Ottawa 14
Concordia 23 Guelph 21
Laval 24 McMaster 10

The results from this year's exhibition games were much closer than last year's. I hope this means that we will see more competitive games across the board.


1 Calgary
2 Laval
3 McGill
4 Regina
5 Concordia
6 McMaster
7 Saskatchewan
8 Manitoba
9 Guelph
10 Bishop's
11 Windsor
12 Ottawa
13 UBC
14 Alberta
15 York
n/r Montreal
n/r Sherbrooke
n/r W. Ontario
n/r Laurier
n/r St. Mary's
n/r Mt. Allison
n/r Acadia
n/r St. FX
n/r Queen's
n/r Toronto
n/r Waterloo
n/r Simon Fraser

At this point in time the rankings are very preliminary. The weight given to the exhibition results will quickly diminish once regular season results start to flow. The teams that are "n/r" are not necessarily below the 15 teams that are ranked. They are there solely because they have not played yet. I had some thoughts of dropping Ottawa even further. But maybe McGill's victory is more a sign of their strength than Ottawa's weakness.

Will 2011 see some Jabronis become Ham 'n Eggers? Let's hope.



Saturday Sept 23
Mount Allison at St. Francis-Xavier
Acadia at Saint Mary's

Regular season:

Thursday Sept 1
McGill at Montreal

Friday Sept 2
Bishop’s at Sherbrooke
UBC at Regina
Alberta at Saskatchewan

Saturday Sept 3
Laval at Concordia
Calgary at Manitoba

Monday Sept 5
Ottawa at Guelph
Toronto at Windsor
Laurier at York
McMaster at Queen's
Waterloo at W. Ontario