The OHT27 is back for another year. Bookmark this thread RIGHT NOW so that whenever you log in to .org you start here at the most authoritative ranking of CIS football teams out there.

Maybe to refresh your memory you should check the 2009 thread just for the education value alone. If you want to just see the final poll (done on completion of the regular season schedule) I have linked post 189 just for you.

In 2009, for some reason, Sarah Palin became the unofficial babe of the OHT27. I found a nice new pic of her:

However, the OHT27 is in negotiations with Elle McPherson, Cindy Crawford, and Katarina Witt. I know they are reading this so I will cut to the chase: Ladies, if you want to be the OFFICIAL Babe of the OHT27 you know what you have to do.

Now, before we get going, let me refresh everybody's mind on a few points:

1. In early season polls I will ascribe some value to exhibition results. The value of exhibition games will diminish over time. I realize that these results are less meaningful than regular season games. However, they are much more meaningful than speculation as to last year - deletions + additions = this year's forecast, which is what people use to make predictions.

2. The OHT27 is based on results and results alone. It is NOT based on "we were #8 last week and won so we should be #7 or higher now". Rankings are all relative.

3. Some teams are jabronis. Don't shoot the messenger. If you cheer for a jabroni, I sympathize. I have considered re-naming the classifications to "steak", "hamburger", and "dog food". But for now, jabroni will have to do.

4. Teams can be reclassified during the season. In 2009, McGill started as a jabroni but their results warranted a reclassification. Once they were reclassified, the teams that beat them were duly credited for defeating a non-jabroni.

5. A world without jabronis IS possible. I have the OHT34 in hockey and no team was a jabroni because they all had wins and respectable losses against decent teams. Therefore, a conference in football could be jabroni-free. Last year, there were no jabronis in the CW or the Q.

6. Conference strength IS a factor. In 2009 I posted the historical data (to which one could add last year's results):

Conference Bowl/Cup Records 1967 to 2008

Source: [CIS Almanac]

Canada West:
1994-2008: 12-3
1967-1993: 18-9
Bowls: 30-12
Vanier: 16-14
total: 46-26

1994-2008: 5-10
1967-1993: 15-12
Bowls: 20-22
Vanier: 10-10
total: 30-32

1994-2008: 7-8 (Quebec 6-5, Ontario 1-3)
1967-1993: 11-16 (Quebec 3-7, Ontario 8-9)
Bowls: 18-24 (Quebec 9-12, Ontario 9-12)
Vanier 11-7 (Quebec 6-3, Ontario 5-4)
total: 29-31 (Quebec 15-15, Ontario 14-16)

1994-2008: 6-9
1967-1993: 10-17
Bowls: 16-26
Vanier: 5-11
total: 21-37
Therefore, there are three statistically undeniable truths about CIS football:

1. The CW winners have BY FAR the best record in the CIS in Bowl and Cup games. (See above chart.)

2. The CW has by far the highest ratio of high-end programs capable of winning on the national stage. (All 6 CW teams have won the title whilst 7 teams account for virtually every bowl appearance from the other 3 conferences.)

3. The low-end CW programs in a given season are closer in calibre to the conference champions than are the low-end teams in the other conferences.

So don't get all huffy when some OUA team is 3-0 and ranked behind a 1-2 team from the CW. FWIW, I consider the Q to have equaled the CW and the top 6 of the OUA would be close to both.

7. There IS a possibility of hindsight correction to rankings. This can happen both when jabroni status is altered or when teams turn out better or worse than expected. Since the OHT27 is results based, not prior week's rankings based, hindsight corrections are inevitable.

8. I am going to include Waterloo and Simon Fraser. Waterloo could out-perform York this year.

9. When I do this: You do this:


McGill 40, Toronto 17
Saskatchewan 40, Western Ontario 12
Sherbrooke 41, Ottawa 0
Concordia 40, Guelph 23
Calgary 20, Alberta 14
Laval 76, York 0

The 12 teams to have played are ranked thusly:
1. Laval
2. Sherbrooke
3. Saskatchewan
4. Calgary
5. Alberta
6. Concordia
7. McGill
8. Guelph
9. Western Ontario
10. Toronto
11. Ottawa
12. York