I'm an old hand here and a new one at the same time. Let's say I'm somewhere between Spud and Marton.
For those of you who never heard of me, I'm a computer science professionnal. I used to live in Sainte-Foy less than 2 km for The Field (The PEPS Field, of course). I now live about 30 km from there in Donnacona with a view on the magnificent St Lawrence river.

I read a lot and it sometimes shows in my ravings in the pub.

My skeleton in the closet is: I don't drink much!

I've been at every R&O local games before last year which I missed for major reasons. This include the exhibition year. I've also been at nearly all post season games with the R&O. To say I'm a hard core fan is to say the sea is slighty wet.

This said, I'm also a fan of Spud's stories and I've as much fun reading them as writing to pull someone's leg. I'm rarely serious here and if I want to insult you, you'll know, but it will be for fun.

Just to establish a "new" tradition, I suggest everybody who introduce himself here should have to tell us of a skeleton in his closet.