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I'd like to know which game you went to.

Make the effort to come back. Amazing what a difference a year can make. The stadium is what it is and I'd agree that they could have had more forsight, but the experience has changed dramatically. Laval may have 16K fans and we only get 5K +/- but the 'game day experience' is in a different universe than Laval (with all due respect to Laval). They have the mother of all tailgates and the best fans in CIS hands down but our experience is truely different. If you aren't convenced when you see it I will defer to you but I am certain that your mind will be changed.
I was at the U of A game in Last September. It was a great night for football. I know that I should not let a few bad eggs get to me. I expected better. I might be back it depends if I can get a ticket