Might as well start it right now, a week is only 6 days....

Queen's (I saw both games vs the ponies) :
- Branagan has the luxury of standing still in his pocket and make short undercover passes. That's due to the poor OUA defences and he will run for his life vs Laval.
- not much running game either, anyway only the Carabins were able to run vs Laval and they still lose.
- they have a good punter, not sure about FG tough as the porous OUA defences allowed them more 7 pointers than FG attemps.
- Their D is less effective than that of the GoldenHawks and was exposed against a good offence.

Laval :
- greatest receiving corps in CIS, tons of weapons in there.
- Lévesque (La gazelle, Speedy Gonzales or The Roadrunner, as you wish to call him) will have them slip in all directions on their muddy field.
- biggest strenght on our D is the secondary, 3 picks minimum against a pass happy QB running for his life (you read it here first).
- Milo's the best. If injured, we'll find a way.

The Big Birds (as in yellow) of OUA will be pulverized. Looking forward to witness it on premises.

I give no more than 9 pts to the OUA Champ : Queen's 9 - Laval 47