Cardinal Bizz is walking round’n circle in his hall.

- Hi, hi, hi….. another all-starless team…hi, hi, hi. Good job Glen, they’re all pissed now…hi, hi, hi.

-Those jerks think they can come here and beat us !!! Whouaaaa, they never learn… and they still think they beat us…. Whouaaaaa ! So dumb they didn’t realized we let them win ! The plan worked to perfection.

Now’s the time to put my robe and and make the official challenge.

Hey you !!! Fans of the so called «medicine students», you’re like worms, you come out only on rainy days and are good just enough to be put on a hook. Sené runs like a ballerina and Bruno should try to show his muscles when he fumbles cause he’s a master in this department. The only rookie of the year you’ll ever have is your mascot…that’s when you’ll have one. You’ll be able to use all your roster only cause the game takes place in Quebec.

Good thing you can count on your fingers cause you won’t make more points than you count on them.

So, any Carabin man enough to accept a challenge that is not involving cheerleaders ?

Standard bet, loser wears the winner avatar one week and praise him once every day (yep, you need both hands to count up to that…)

I’m in

PS : always forget….I slap you in the face….and put down that knive, it’s ridiculous.