OK much debate has been made about the OUA playoff matchups already, as well as head to head HEC nominee comparisons (Faulds-Brannigan) so I thought I'd take this comparison thing a step further. Most agree defense wins in the playoffs so I did a head to head comparison of the 6 OUA playoff teams involving their head to head games. I calculated opponent yardage in those games (without accounting for sack yds as they are inaccurate from week to week). I also tallied total points against each defense in those games (I included points ONLY scored against a defense ie. TD, FG, Single). This is simply to evaluate defense against OUA playoff level competition.

Yds APG: 1) Queens 372
2) Laurier 378
3) Ottawa 405* Queens game without Brannigan
4) MAC 459
5) Western 469
6) Guelph 579!

Pts APG: 1) Laurier 13.6
2) MAC 20.0
3) Ottawa 23.0
4) Queens 23.4
5) Western 25.2
6) Guelph 34.2!