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    Default Golden Bears Playoff Possibilities

    If the top teams (CGY and SASK) win out, then CW playoffs come down to two games involving Bisons = [email protected], and [email protected]

    If MB loses both games then SFU gets third and AB fourth, having beaten REG head to head.

    If MB wins both then MB is in and AB wins a three way tie for fourth place of the three 3-5 teams (AB, SFU, REG) due to having beaten both SFU and REG.

    If MB beats UBC and loses to SFU then SFU is in and Regina wins the tiebreaker between AB, MAN, and REG, due to point differential between the three teams (REG+7, AB+4, MAN-11). (Would be a good lesson for the Bears -the garbage-time touchdown for the Rams in the last game gave them this tiebreaker.)

    If MB beats SFU and loses to UBC then there is a four-way tie of 3-5 teams looking for two playoff spots:

    Group Results W-L(group)
    AB (Beat SFU, REG, lost to MAN) 2-1
    REG (Beat MAN, SFU, lost to AB) 2-1
    MAN (Beat AB, SFU*, lost to SFU, REG) 2-2
    SFU (Beat MAN, lost to AB, REG, MAN*) 1-3
    * - hasn't happened yet

    I'm guessing that SFU gets tossed from this group due to being 1-3. MAN also loses, either for having two losses in the group of four, or the worst point differential in the group of three (REG +7, AB +4, MAN-11) after SFU is tossed. After MAN is tossed AB wins the head-to-head against REG and finishes third.

    If CGY and SASK don't win out...

    If AB manages to win one of its final two games then they clinch at least 4th, no matter what else happens. The other playoff spot goes to the winner of [email protected] (assuming MB beat UBC and REG lost twice).

    If REG win one of their last two and AB doesn't, then Rams are in and AB is out and the other spot again, goes to the winner of [email protected]

    So it looks like the Bears are in if
    a) they win at least one of last two games, or
    b) REG loses to both CGY and SASK, and MB beats SFU in Winnipeg.
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