Should both Mike and Matt Morencie be suspended for the final game of the season?

First with the HC:

Apparently he was vulgar on the post-game interview ("critics can kiss my @$$") on live TV. Dunk was suspended for swearing on live TV, why is Morencie exempt?

Now for Matt:

What universe is Matt is living in? Exactly what points to the fact that Gord Grace doesn't support the football team. In the article that Matt was refering to, Grace points out that football is the flagship program, and that it is the number one university sport in Canada. Find me another AD that will/has said that? Even though it's completely true, it's not PC, and it's controversial in itself to even say that.

I don't care if he's trying to defend his dad. You can't call out your superiors in the media in public and expect that there will be no reprocussions. Could I do that to my boss and get away scott-free? Could you?

And to Matt directly: firing your father will be an act that directly supports and improves the Lancer Football program.

The saddest thing to me is the fact that even after all these years, these kids that bleed blue and gold year round for the football program, still have to show up on Saturdays with absolutely no chance of winning against a team of equal or better talent, and often against teams of lesser talent.

The "Any Given Sunday" hope doesn't exist at Windsor, because Mike Morencie is such a poor football coach.

I will be calling Gord Grace and the Windsor Star Monday and asking that both Mike and Matt Morencie are suspended for the last game of the season due to their outburst on live TV. I urge everyone who reads this to do the same. This has to stop.