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    That SFU comment was more for the sake of argument, I don't actually believe that The Clan are the better team. However after pushing the Huskies into OT you might be able to make the argument they're somewhat similar. Their seasons have sort of mimicked each other, albeit with The Clan on the wrong side of the same sort of the games the Huskies have played.

    cstbrophy said:
    sure it can. sask will always have the number beside their name, but it doesn't really mean a whole lot in terms of who is better. if sask had had differentiated themselves in that game, there wouldn't be any debate.

    these teams are very close. i just am not ready to say that sask is the better team.
    This is exactly what I was talking about, you can't really point to that game and say that either team will win the next matchup as a result of that outcome. That's why I'd consider it a draw, not on paper but in terms of ranking teams in terms of strength.

    Since Sask was not only playing that opening game at home but had a highly touted recruiting class in the offseason, and some were skeptical about Glavic and the rest of the Calgary team after last year, I think that's why the Dinos have been given the edge after that contest.
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