Congrats to the Gaiters...hands down the better team today in all three phases. Ran tough, executed better in the passing game, generated more big returns on special teams.

X Defense was very tough against the run, as per usual. The secondary gave up more completions than normal. Not a lot of pressure on the Bishops QB during the game, and X was very unprepared for his speed. The Gaiters had some very nice, consistent drives.

On offense -- running game still couldn't get anywhere. Bishops seemed to play a combination of sitting on the pass and blitzing. Some very nice receptions at times, but overall too many drops and too much inconsistency. Bishops made fewer mistakes and played better overall football.

Though I hate the result, I'm actually glad this kind of game happened at this point in the season, with games left on the schedule before playoffs. Bishops really exploited X's weaknesses and was well prepared for what they were going to do on both offense and defense. Great coaching by Blugh and his staff.

That being said, X is still in control of their destiny and this loss will make them better as a team come playoffs. Complete faith in Waterman, the staff and the players that they can make the adjustments necessary.

X needs to do something about the commentator. This is a national webcast, and the guy was a complete ass . Knew nothing about football, and made continuous idiotic comments.