I'm not suggesting that anyone say that they are happy with their team being 0-6. I'm not that happy either -- I'd love to go back to the days when we were the ones whuppin' everyone's butts. But I know there are a lot of "supporters" out there who have done nothing to support the team other than being critical. What kind of alumni support do the Mounties have? Not much. These guys that are playing are playing with very little show of support, either moral or financial. We don't have a corporate structure like Laval, and we don't have an endless budget like SMU. Our team has been disadvantaged by the administration, and it is still too soon to know whether that will change (I'm hopeful it will, though). It's a vicious cycle -- no one wants to financially support a losing team, but they won't get better until they have better support.

But to take that out on the players, as you and BT being "mad" at them suggests, do you really think that's a constructive way to turn things around? How discouraging would that have been when (if) you were a player? Do you think these guys actually like being at the bottom of the league, and having people laugh at them (or mad at them)? I'd rather support them in a more positive way. But that's just me (and I am most definitely NOT a Leafs fan, so I don't have a lot of other experience with losing teams...)