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Thread: Wilson's Top 27 for October 12-18th

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    Default Wilson's Top 27 for October 12-18th

    No. 27 – York(NC)
    Last weekend against Western they actually had a 3-0 lead, and at half time it was only 28-6, and considering they last year 71-0, I can say coach McLean is slowly turning the program around, BUT needs so much support from the University.

    No. 26 – Toronto(NC)
    Even though they lost against MAC 21-3, this game was only 13-3 going into the last minute when MAC scored late to make it 21-3. DeLaval and Blues are continuing to make strides forward, and a win against Waterloo this week will move them up.

    No. 23 – UBC (-2)
    Another loss for the T-Birds, lucky we have 27 teams in Canada playing university football, and letting 44 points scored against them, I am dropping them two positions until they prove they can win

    No. 25 – Windsor (+1)
    Another loss for Windsor, but look at the bright side they scored 20 points

    No. 24 – Mt. Allison (+1)
    The Mounties are good and bad this year, they have two pretty good rookie QB in their stall nd offense that can score, but need to build around them, and be thankful SMU rested some players this past weekend.
    This weekend will be ugly.

    No. 22 – Acadia (NC)
    Another loss for the Axemen, and this weekend against Concordia who is fighting for playoff life, will be another long day for the Axemen.

    No. 21 – Waterloo (NC)
    This team with a record of 1-5, this teams really needs to dig down deep and come up with a win against the Blues or they may just change positions.

    No. 20 – Simon Fraser (NC)
    The only NCAA team in Canada did surprise me this weekend and stayed tough with the Rams, but in the end they lost.

    No. 19 – Bishops (NC)
    This is a long journey to Antigonish for Leroy’s team this weekend. Even though X are still 5-0 they might be right for the picking this weekend.

    No. 18 – Alberta (NC)
    This weekend after a bye weekend will be so HUGE for the Bears. A win against the Rams will move them up and into the playoff hunt.

    No. 17 – Concordia (-1)
    A bye week may get some of their injuries healed, and I can see a long day for the Axemen in Wolfville this Saturday, with a win will put them back in the hunt, a loss it is going to be difficult for them.

    No. 16 – Manitoba (+1)
    They had a great game against the Dinos and even though they lost they still scored 24 points on a good Dino team. This weekend against the Huskies will be important.

    No. 15 – Sherbrooke (NC)
    They need to stay close or beat Montreal at home this weekend to stay in the hunt. They are tough at home and I am very interested in this game as I think this team is better than record. One hint, RUN the ball

    No. 14 – Wilfrid Laurier (NC)
    A big win against Windsor, but it was against Windsor, so no change for the Hawks, this weekend against Dunk will tell the story

    No. 13 – McGill (NC)
    McGill’s test this weekend is the eastern Huskies and we will see how much the Redmen have improved under coach Wolfe as they have the toughest schedule left in the CIS with SMU and Laval and Concordia fighting for their playoff life.

    No. 12 – Guelph (-4)
    What the difference a week makes, and I dropped them four spots because I don’t think they can compete at this time with the best in the OUA even with Dunk. The show down this weekend with Laurier will be interesting and could keep them in the hunt of a home playoff game

    No. 11 – Regina (NC)
    When luck comes calling it came to the Rams this past weekend who pulled out a 26-24 win over an NCAA team the Clan. The big test for the Rams is against the Bears this weekend.

    No. 10 – McMaster (NC)
    I was a little nervous last week moving them up higher but a close game against the Blues gives them a 4-2 record and doesn’t convince me at this point this team can make a run in the playoffs past the semis.
    They only pulled away from the Blues in the last minute and it was 13-3 up to that point

    No. 9 – Ottawa (+2)
    This team could be the best in the OUA, as they are starting to peak and play as a team. I thought that Guelph was a good team, but Ottawa scored 50 points on the, and with York this weekend it will only get better for them.

    No. 8 – Saskatchewan (+1)
    Finally the Huskies get rolling on offense and score 44 points. This game against UBC couldn’t of came a better time, and now the Huskies know they can move the ball and score, this will make the west very interesting down the road, and the Huskies still have home field advantage.

    No. 7 – Saint Mary’s (NC)
    Reading the paper and the stats SMU were up 35-0 at half and let the bench play and rested 7 starters I think. I think this game would of been a lot worse if they stayed in the whole game, but it shows that they have a good crop of younger players as well. This game against McGill will test their pass defense this weekend.

    No. 6 – Western (NC)
    A bright spot with a 64-6 win over York, was Marshall got some much needed reps and was 8-14-130 yards when he relieved Faulds who was 18-26-249 yards. This weekends game against Queens is a must win for them to stay in the hunt for the OUA title.

    No. 5 – St.F.X.(-1)
    X on the road at Acadia, this team is tough at home, but on the road they don’t play well, and beating Acadia by only 11 points is concerning. They had better be ready for Bishops, but they are at HOME, and are not looking past them to their road trip to SMU next Friday.

    No. 4 – Calgary(+1)
    I moved them up one spot because I believe at this point they are better than X. Turnovers almost cost them a game against a Bison team who came to play, but they did give up 24 points, and the Dinos do have the best defense out west.

    No. 3 – Queens (NC)
    This was an easy game for Queens this weekend with a 43-21 win over Waterloo, but the concerning thing was letting 21 points scored against them. This weekends game will be the highlight for OUA, and I can’t wait to see the outcome against Western.

    No. 2 – Laval(NC)
    After a bye week, Laval gets another bye in playing Mt.A this Saturday at PEPS and hopefully they get to play all there back ups after half time, but will have to leave their starters in until at least half time due to their bye week last weekend.

    No. 1 – Montreal(NC)
    Stay number one with the annual Q thanksgiving break, big game against Sherbrooke who are a very tough home team this week.
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