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    Default X @ Concordia - The Interlock

    Baby, This Could Be The Last Time...

    Man! I'm really starting to hate that song...

    Reminds me too much it could be one of the last times we Easterners travel to Antiterlock land to play CIS football... It will be for the X-Men...

    Sometimes, I like the "in" thing, like INterlock. Sometimes, I just hate it, like INgonish (post 94 for lurkers)

    Anyway, on the plus side, the X-Men get one last chance to avenge their humiliating egg laying loss of 3 years to the Stingers and make a strong statement showing beyond any reasonable doubt that they (the X-Men) belong to the Top 20 Elite CIS football teams.

    Timing is bad for the Stingers. They have the same W - L record as the Varsity Blues & it doesn't look as if they'll manage ONE WIN this season in the strong Q conference.

    I really feel for Stingers fans... I've never been there before but the Twin has and it's not pretty.

    Being the kind person that I am, I have arrange for a strong contingent of X parents and fans to hold a therapy session for Bee hive residents before the game, at the same spot where I tailgated by myself 3 years ago because Marton, Bizz, Vengeur Masqué and the Cutie failed to show up Location details to follow.

    We'll bring enough crying towels, purple pills, inflatable dolls and over-proof medication in the liquid form to sustain Stingers fans for the rest of the season.

    Now, for the rest of the Q fans, in particular the ones from teams weaker than the Rouge And/Or, who know that they're wasting another season trying to compete in that division, I challenge you to come out in force in this thread, show your support for the Bumble Bees, have some fun for a change and learn about a long tradition of AUS football - THE AVATAR challenge.

    Or, should another Avatar Challenge be thrown in other interlock games this week,
    Sep 26 1:00 PM Sherbrooke Saint Mary's
    Sep 26 1:00 PM McGill Mount Allison
    Sep 26 1:00 PM Acadia Montréal
    then join in and support your team. I expect that some SMUck will throw a challenge this week anyway, just so they're not outdone again by X...

    I also have a lot of sympathy for Rouge And/Or fans, who are constantly deprived from taking part in Avatar Challenges unless their team plays the Eastcoasters, but who just LOVE to hijack our challenge threads with their usually irrelevent comments (should I put a here or a ?) Oh well! I'll fix it later IF some R&O fan(s) post(s)

    So, Milo fans, here is your chance to support a Q team you love against the world-hated Antigonish Assassins... But if you do, your Avatar is on the line & you'll have to wear the X one with pride after our win.

    I'M IN
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    VC @ PEPS - No better place to have it!!!

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