Last night, I found myself on Monday November 17, 2008. Here’s what I read in a Monday morning paper edition :
Breaking news : Dinos laid an egg in PEPS stadium !!
Monthy Masher
Calgary Herald

Some 15,000 witnessed the scene in PEPS stadium, Calgary Dinosaurs laid an egg !!

For the first time since 65 million years, Dinosaurs came to life and, in the most dramatic fashion, left the stadium with a huge egg in a «0» form. Quebec archeologists were puzzled by the event : «Completely astonished, that’s how I feel» said Glen Constantin, one of the premier witness of the rare event.

Blake Nill was more pracmatic about it : «Aren’t Dinos supposed to lay eggs ??»

More on that story coming soon.
If any Dinos fan is out there (very doubfull), I challenge you, reptile skin, to an avatar bet. Usual rules apply : wear a Lav...errr winner standard avatar for 1 week and praise the bes...eeer winner.

Wonder if Dinosaurs are chickens, or shy, or don't beleive in their team, or plain stupid enough to bet against the best CIS team ever (not to be mixed up with some lambs already sacrificed...)

To make it official, say the words : I'M IN !!!