I can't believe that nobody has started this yet. Spud and the SMU gang must be scared!!

This Sunday, the little puppies from SMU are coming to London to get schooled in the game of football. I'm sure they have started hitchhiking their way here already, but they might as well turn back now and save themselves the long trip. There is no way the Mighty Mustangs can lose to a team called Mary.

It's going to be a shock for the Mangy Flea Bitten Mutts on their first trip to the Forest City. They will be awed by seeing a team that can actually play football, all the books in the library, and actual attractive women in the stands. Things they have only heard about! And the PURPLE!! A sea of PURPLE!! It will be too much for them.

If there are any SMUck fans out there wanting to upgrade to purple next week, please respond with: