Trying to compare Q teams with other conferences, based on what I saw live, on TV, on webcasts and heard on the radio.

Laval 3-0 : wins vs Montréal, Acadia, Concordia

Laval is a powerhouse with his engine running at idle. This is due to the way Ethier runs his offense. This guy makes a game plan and sticks to it no matter what, I think he’s unable to adjust on the fly, only the players talent and the depth he enjoys makes it works. Thus the kind of «volatility» we all see from week to week; and, from time to time, he’s exposed (like last year’s Uteck). There’s no real weakness and, as we often read «only Laval can beat Laval», specially if the opponent has a great game. Can compete with anybody. 1st in the Q.

Sherbrooke 3-0 : wins vs McGill, Mount Allison, Montréal

Good mix of veterans and rookies in Sherbrooke. Choiry is an excellent QB, poised, good reads and a hell of an arm. They are now getting that «killer instinct» but the D is susceptible to the outside run. I think they could compete with OUA’s midlle pack and give a good game to their top teams. SMU may be a bit too much but they’ll compete with the rest of the AUS. In the Wild Wild West, they may make the playoffs (keyword being «may»). 2nd in the Q.

Concordia 2-1 : wins vs Bishop’s, McGill – loss to Laval

The Stingers are not what they used to be. Biggest suspect is their secondary and, if you stop Mahoney, the offence disappears. Mac, Guelph and the like would come on top against them, they would be bottom dwellers in CanWest and may be they would give a game to AUS teams beside SMU. I don’t see them in the Dunsmore this year. 5th in the Q.

Montréal 1-2 : win vs StFX – losses to Laval, Sherbrooke

When will people understand that their O is less than stellar ? Their front D is powerfull, but since you can’t put pressure on every play, it exposes an ordinary secondary that Laval and Sherbrooke exploited quite well. Only their schedule will keep them alive. SMU will eat them raw, they would struggle a bit against other AUS teams. In the OUA, they would fit between the 5th and 7th spot. No playoffs for them in the West. 4th in the Q.

Bishop’s 1-2 : win vs McGill – losses to Concordia, SMU

They have the raw and inexperienced material. Besides Jamall Lee, there’s a huge gap to be filled. They gave a game to SMU and were able to limit the damage from «Baron Rouge Connell». Can win vs other AUS teams, middle pack in OUA and may be the last playoffs spot in CanWest (again «may be» must be put in bold). I see them 3rd in the Q.

McGill 0-3 : losses to Sherbrooke, Concordia, Bishop’s

Everyone should play with 7 or 8 DBs against McGill as their running game is stopped by the white lines on the field !! They start rebuilding with a kicker ! What else can be said… They are last in the Q and would be last anywhere, giving OUA fans the chance to return us the favor regarding the length of the Q yard.

All in all, the Q has 1 good team (Laval), 1 very bad (McGill), 1 above average (Sherbrooke) and 3 between average to below average (Bishop’s, Concordia and Montréal), and it goes like this :


My two cents...