Two teams, without argument possibility the dirtiest ones this country
has seen for a very, very long time, will finally clash on Saturday.

This would have been an accurate statement a few years back BUT this is 2008 AND relentless fan pressure on this forum has had the unfortunate effect of forcing both teams to clean up their act.

HOWEVER, it is a well known fact that there is a lot of repressed anger simmering in players of both teams:
  • The X-Men, because they’re sick & tired of being the laughing stock of the CIS whenever they face a Q team, and
  • The Carabins, because they miss the good old days of pounding Q teams to a pulp.

So, NOBODY seems concerned whatsoever about the score of this game. All fans would prefer to see a good combination of WWE, UFC, and Kontactsports for this one. Word is that the game may be moved to the Big O due to astonishing fan interest in not only seeing one of them riots that makes Montrealers proud, but to finally get involved in one. A decision to that effect will be made at 12:45 PM Saturday. Too bad for X fans who’ll miss the game because they can’t get there that fast, contrary to the crazy Montreal drivers…

SO, I expect both teams to set CIS records on penalties, with X showing its domination in this field, and I will wear a Carabin Avatar for a week should X be less penalized than the Carabins.

I’M IN!!!

In case anyone is interested, X will suck it to the bums by 14

Let the war outside the trenches begin!!!

P.S.: Sorry Prof for starting a new thread. I felt that this challenge deserved a new one because my good buddy Russell2000 is away and our beautiful PM-like posts should not be tarnished by comments expected on this one…