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Thread: Usain Bolt or Michael Phelps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gilligan
    The other thing in Phelps favour is that he has been to 5 Olympics. He qualified for one event on a stacked US team as a 15 year old in 2000.
    That doesn't even make him an outlier within his own sport - just look at who the 2nd most decorated Canadian summer olympian is as proof of that - and if the team was so stacked when he was on it as a 15 year old, why didn't he medal in it? He raced the 200m butterfly as well I believe, and finished 5th, for a good result, but not at all good enough to use as an argument for Phelps over Bolt.

    You cannot use age as a comparison in many different sports, due to the varying demands that each sport puts on the body; a 15 year old can't compete in the NFL like a swimmer can compete in the Olympics; a 46 year old swimmer can't win the swimming 100m like Nicklaus won The Masters, etc., etc., etc. Swimmers are fortunate that they don't experience the repeated pounding on their weight-bearing joints like runners do.
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