News Report

Canada welcomes the N.F.L The black blue division may see more doom teams popping up.

Canada opens it's door to the N.F.L allowing a new era of football in North America. Canadian and American style will produce billions in revenue and the production of this new season will produce thousands of new jobs.

This is so big people don't realize the effect it will have. On Sunday Mexico called, to see if they could also alloweed a franchise. This door stays shut until this new league take efffects on 2010.

Names of the teams will be NEWS release later. Explaning the CFL is no longer. The Colleges will now look into playing against NCAA teams. The next step so Canadian players will now be able to compete and enter the draft.

There are a few problems to iron out, with Quebec, and Alberta.

If Quebec doesn't follow the protocol, and doesn't meet the NFL standards
it may not get a franchise. These are small markets in Canada, so it's possible revenue sharing and owners will come up with a plan to see if eight teams are viable. This explansion has a market for seven teams only.

..... Now, is it possible? We'll see!