The Herald gets on the highest place in the market place.


He slowly unroll his parchment, looks at it carefully and read.

"In this year 2007, Lord Fenris issue a public challenge to all and any Stinger fan. Their Avatar against his for the loser to wear a full week. What's more, The loser must praise the winning team at least once a day.

This message will be read in all significant cities in the province of Québec even Montreal. What's more, Copies of this message have been sent to the various noble all over Canada who could be interressed in this challenge.

Lord Fenris add that Marc and SectionW have to answer the challenge or be called craven cowards all over the country.

Lord Fenris message means "I'M IN!".

May the gods uphold the right!"

The herald slowly rolls the parchment and get up on his horse to go to another market place to spread the challenge.