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Thread: Someone is running up the score on you, what do you do?

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    Default Someone is running up the score on you, what do you do?

    They were discussing running up the score on PTI tonight, claiming that people were getting upset the Patriots have been doing it this season.

    Michael Wilbon believes that if a team is running up the score the losing team should take a shot at one of their best players in retaliation. Charles Barkley was on as a guest and he agreed, if someone is running the score up on you take a shot at one of their stars. To sum up their opinion it came down to 'don't kill the opposing player, but let that team know that you won't stand for the score to be run up unnecessarily, and it may cost a good player for the rest of the game if they don't stop it'.

    Tony Kornheiser thought that was too brutish, and that it doesn't belong in today's game - even though that sort of thing was what happened in the past, the game has evolved now.

    Considering there's many susbtantial wins in the CIS, and every once and a while the claim comes down that it's been done on purpose, what are your thoughts on the matter? Not that we're gonna see anymore blowouts at this pt of the season, but interesting opinions were raised.

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