This is my 1st post. I've been lurking on this board for quite some time now, enjoying the witty trashtalk (and the not so witty!), the transcripts of wacky phone calls, and the good humor. I was content lurking and besides, who needs another R&O fan?

After meeting many posters at the SMU @ Laval game last saturday, I decided to join up. Laval University is my alumni, and I have been following the R&O football team for 7 or 8 years now. I like to think I am not a modish fan (after all, I was a Nordiques fan to the bitter end, which proves beyond all doubt that I can just as well root for a shitty team).

I'd like to salute my long time friend Tonton, as well as the others I met at that game: BigJake and his even bigger son (SMU's #61 Bryan Jordan), the very jovial La Tuque and his everfull cognac flask, Bizz (thanks for the fondue!), Mrs Trk, Scorpion, Exiled Fan, Marton, Fenris, Hohly and Mrs Hohly, and many others.

This game was an event! Spirits were high in section 10 and it was nice to have visitors! The R&O fans were really psyched about the quality of the game, some even applauding (with some restraint of course!) SMU's good plays. The stands remained full to the end of the game.


-That Glavic kid is spectacular. He turned near sackings into 1st downs by taking matters into his own hands on more than one occasion.

-After one Laval TD, La Tuque expressed his dismay by grabbing my hat from my head and wacking it on the seat in front of us, to everyone's laughter. This hilarious behavior was repeated once more. I felt very honoured!

-Duane John, who usually has a good game, had an exceptional one that day. His 93 yards kick return immediately after SMU's 1st TD was the cause of many people screaming out their vocal chords. (This and the following TD could have shot down SMU's morale right then, but they shrugged it off and kept playing with intensity.) After the game, he humbly said he just did "his twelfth (of the team effort)". And then some, Duane, and then some...

I am glad SMU "is back" after a couple of ordinary years. An hypothetical Laval @ SMU Uteck Bowl should be da bomb, whatever happens!

Now, the surprising Gaiters are paying us a visit next weekend. Who would have thought that this game, expected to be a formality before the season started, would turn out to be a duel for 1st position in the Q? Not me, but I am glad for it! J.Lee is crazy good, but Laval's banged-up defence showed last saturday that if there's one thing they can do as well as the "A team", it's stopping RBs cold!