Some Canadians would say that Americans tend to be "sore losers". Remember when Donovan Bailey won the Olympic 100? Americans said he wasn't the worlds fastest man, Mike Johnson was. Even though the 100 metre winner has been traditionally the worlds fastest man.

Well, in Windsor we have the case of a Windsor area high school that has been playing in the Detroit Catholic League baseball conference. Villanova HS has always had a good competitive team, routinely finishing with a winning record against likely the best baseball teams in the Detroit area. 2 years ago, Villanova lost the championship game at Comerica Park. Last year, Villanova won the Detroit Catholic League championship. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well. Alas, the Detroiters kicked Villanova out for this year and sent them back to play in the Windsor league. How's that for being sore losers!! Well, at least Villanova will be the prohibitive favourite to win the Ontario HS championship.