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Well, I guess Mrs Trk had more answers than she bargained for...

The .org community is slightly over 200 and we're already at a 3 pages thread !! No matter if you're «for» or «against» or «I don't care», the only certainty is that raising religious issues sure brings on some debate.

At least she'll be prepared to what's coming when she'll address the wearing of religious headgear under helmets.

May be with you !
Ya know, I was browsing the responses yesterday and had exactly the same thoughts. When I decided to post my query here, I had wished and hoped, in one of my sloth moments, that somewhere out here in the Dot Org community, someone, somewhere, would have already addressed this issue, at the summer rep ball level, would provide a link and I'd be at my plagiaristic best. Seems that was not meant to be.

Guess I've got work to do! And thanx to all who participated.