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Does anyone ever remember hearing about this? I was looking at a Canadian Soccer fans site and came across a lists of soccer stadiums used in Canada. At the bottom it has a list of "cancelled" stadiums and it lists Griffiths Stadium with a capacity of 30,000. I don't remember ever hearing a proposal to expand the stadium to that size, does anyone else?

Here's the link: http://www.canadian-soccer.com/en/cs....asp#cancelled
The only proposal I remember was the one associated with the World University Games bid back in 2002. They were proposing to expand Griffiths to a permanent capacity of 10,000.

It looks like they'll expand the stadium to 10,000 next year with the money they made from Vanier. I don't think we'll ever see the permanent capacity of Griffiths above 10,000, unless the Huskies are suddenly attracting Laval-sized crowds.