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In most of the world, there exist various levels/divisions of pro sport. Soccer would be the most prominent example. It does happen in football too though. Japan has the X-League Super as a top division, plus three X-League Area leagues for a second division.

In Canada, we have CanPL, League1, and PLSQ for soccer, CEBL for basketball, and a few AHL teams for hockey. They aren't MLS/NBA/NHL but they are viable pro leagues nonetheless.

If you're paying the players, I don't see why it'd be a lower calibre than USports. If it were left to be completely amateur, then yeah, it'd be a lower calibre than USports. I've seen that firsthand when a few Calgary Dinos players suited up for an Alberta Football League team and had dominant performances.

Whether it'd be popular is another matter. AHL and ECHL are miles ahead of junior hockey in calibre, but in most of Canada people don't care about it and would rather watch the juniors play. USports isn't quite the behemoth that junior hockey is, but people may still prefer to watch the college game as opposed to a 2nd or 3rd tier pro league. If the seasons didn't overlap at all, and the new league kept to the best non-CFL markets that draw well for USports, maybe there would be fans who'd adopt both.
Good points.

The football league I was thinking might be possible would be a summer league, with next to no over-lap with U Sports, NCAA or NFL ball = no competition for support from football fans (other than the CFL - but again, this league would only be worth a shot IF the CFL decides to sell-out the Canadian game by merging somehow with the XFL, and going with American rules and Canadian talent getting the shaft; in that case, pure Canadian football fans might decide to say F-U to the sell-out CFL and be willing to support real Canadian football = Canadian rules only and top Canadian talent)

And IF they got decent attendance (6 K plus range) don't see why the players could not get paid something decent at least - for a summer / part-time job. Not looking for some big money making venture; but just a chance for top Canadian talent getting to play beyond college or Junior ball: AND for Canadian football fans having that option to support. Would require serious marketing, some media support/attention, and some business, benefactor, advertising support.