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Thread: Recruiting updates - Coaching changes for 2021 - Any updates welcomed!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ottawafan View Post
    Gosh!!!---a Gee-Gee surely would not want to be mistaken for a Big Yellow Bird (or a Black Crow)
    Ottawa Gee Gee - Mascot - horse - signalling speed of horse racing.

    The Gaels - Mascot Boo Hoo the Bear
    The fight song is known as Oil Thigh which was written in 1891 and features Gaelic lyrics which can be heard at many sporting events. The mascot is Boo Hoo the Bear.
    You aren't using the nickname “Golden Gaels anymore. ... the meaning/relevance of a “golden gael” – with many believing that it was a bird. "Gaels" is a reference to Queen's Scottish heritage

    Queen's Mascot!
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