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Thread: Any Official Updates for the Fall?

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    This lockdown has personally effected myself and my family immensely. I have had 2 adult children have to move back into my household due to losing all income! My wage has taken a large decrease, and my wife has had her hours cut in half. I know that there are a lot of families that are worse off then I am. I personally know of 2 young men who have committed suicide in the last week, and many more who are seeking help! I understand that the virus is real, and is killing people daily, but....
    Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear that Bubba. And yes the pain people are going through is very real. I know someone who's family member lost all income, their business, and have called the help line - seeking counselling.
    I don't think this is being fully represented in the media. Neither has the abuse, neglect at long term care - until just recently Ford ordered an investigation into these homes. Sadly, due to the poor way some long term care centres are being managed, world wide, the world is paying economically, emotionally. Time to put the focus back where it belongs, address the problems with the nursing homes, make improvements, charge those responsible for neglect and get people back to work, school, sports. Start living again. Living on the streets in poverty, destitute, depressed, is not going to help anyone.
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