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Thread: Any Official Updates for the Fall?

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    Of course all the safety measures suggested by the medical experts and implemented by the various levels of governments had absolutely zero impact on all these numbers that are being presented at the moment. We would have arrived at this same point had we had keep everything the way it was.
    Dexter, no one is saying the social distancing, hand sanitization wasn't effective or helpful. It especially is for those living and working in long term care facilities which for a variety of reasons in some nursing homes this social distancing didn't seem to happen or be applied much. The problem is, these nursing and retirement homes weren't paying their staff enough or offering full time work, so employees had to work multiple jobs to make ends meet and this caused cross contamination. They also went home and picked up and or spread the disease. Also, some homes didn't follow the rules. Some were over crowded, and run poorly.

    The point being, the problems in some nursing homes long term care centres - contributed to/were responsible for a lot more cases and deaths than what would have taken place if these places were properly, effectively run. In most cases, the owners collect a big profit. There were reports of seniors sitting, eating, socializing together, long after the lockdown was imposed. The conditions at some of the long term care centres were atrocious, infested with cockroaches, rodents, filthy, lacking in hygiene, not enough staff or food, and medical supplies that it created a huge spike in the numbers of cases and deaths. That is why the military was sent in to these places in Quebec, Ontario. And that neglect, poor management of long term care facilities wasn't just present in Canada. Europe has the same problems, as I imagine the rest of the world has. The conditions at these facilities are inadequate, there's reports of abuse, neglect. Before and After lockdown these nursing homes were not equipped, prepared to deal with any crisis or problems. Some had previous complaints against them for health violations.

    BTW Canada took a long while to shut borders and as for flights.....

    We've had flights coming in and departing pretty much all the time

    Police investigation into Italian care homes finds coronavirus violations - Italy
    The NAS's focus on elder care homes in Italy follows the death of more than 60 residents at one facility and a criminal investigation into another: the Pio Albergo Trivulzio home in Milan, which is under scrutiny for "more than 100 deaths," according to Milan's Public Prosecutor Mauro Clerici.
    Authorities are looking at charges related to contributing to the spread of the virus and manslaughter in the Pio Albergo Tivulzio case, he said. "The investigation is underway into what crimes may have been committed in accordance with existing legislation as applied to a pandemic," Clerici told CNN. No arrests have been made and no one has yet been charged in the case. Under Italian law, authorities have up to a year to press charges after the initial investigation is launched.

    Coronavirus: Spanish army finds care home residents 'dead and abandoned' Spain
    "The army, during certain visits, found some older people completely abandoned, sometimes even dead in their beds," she said.
    The defence ministry said that staff at some care homes had left after the coronavirus was detected.
    The Spanish Prosecutor's Office said the military had verified "the existence of elderly people, some of them ill, residing in extreme situations and poor conditions, as well as deceased residents”.Staff who had been in isolation after falling ill were reportedly not being replaced, while those who continued to work were having to do longer, exhausting shifts. Lacking adequate protection, workers had to make face masks at home.

    The difference at a French Nursing home in

    Vive la Vilanova! A French nursing home takes on the coronavirus, and wins - Lyon France - a nursing home who ran things a bit differently...........
    LYON, France — As the coronavirus scythed through nursing homes, cutting a deadly path, Valerie Martin vowed to herself that the story would be different at the home she runs in France.
    The action she took to stop the virus from infecting and killing the vulnerable older adults in her care was both drastic and effective: Martin and her staff locked themselves in with the 106 residents.
    For 47 days and nights, staff and residents of the Vilanova nursing home on the outskirts of the east-central city of Lyon waited out the COVID-19 storm together as the disease killed tens of thousands of people in other care homes across Europe, including more than 9,000 people in France.
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