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Finally: Pareto's law (80/20) strikes again (20% of superspreaders cause 80% of cases)!!! Its everywhere in all things. Even here where 20% Quebecs (kookoos) cause 80% of problems....
I understand your point but it's almost certain that only 20% of the individuals who make up Quebec's "kookoos" are super spreaders. Thus, you're talking about 4% of the QC population. The other 16% of the super spreaders come from the 80% who may be following more of the guidelines.

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Japan, Korea and especially Taiwan know that China cannot be trusted. They ... developed tests quickly and had effective tracing and quarantine.

Secret: tracing, discipline and wearing masks (efficiently). 3 things that they are masters in and where we are terribly innept in.
Just to restate what was a major takeaway from the article for me: Japan, Korea and Taiwan do their tracing backwards while western countries do their tracing forward. Backward tracing is effective in finding individuals who infect many other people i.e. super spreaders. Forward tracing looks at every person who came into contact with a person who tested positive even though 80% of those +ve people will only spread the virus to 1 other person at most.