Hi Peter
Interesting article.

I wrote a few times here that there were a lot of allusions to Sweden but none about Asian countries, which I thought did A LOT better than the controversial scandinavian country.

A few things to add:

Japan, Korea and especially Taiwan know that China cannot be trusted. They VERY rapidly put restrictions and wore masks (which are plentiful there and culturally acceptable).

They developped tests quickly and had effective tracing and quarantine.

These countries have more "docile" and socialistic view of a problem and it wasn't their first rodeo (RSV, SARS, etc.) vs here where some are very individualistic and less used to be threaten by plagues.

They still did lockdowns however, short, but very agressive and targeted.

Secret: tracing, discipline and wearing masks (efficiently). 3 things that they are masters in and where we are terribly innept in.

Finally: Pareto's law (80/20) strikes again (20% of superspreaders cause 80% of cases)!!! Its everywhere in all things. Even here where 20% Quebecs (kookoos) cause 80% of problems....

While asking questions and transpareny are fine, civil disobedience is stupid if not criminal, like the intention of some gyms to illegaly reopen in Quebec.... the irony is that their representant... is a member of the Hell's angels....