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    Unprecedented! And it comes at a large social cost according to some scientists. The manpower and money that has been diverted other types of medical research [cancer, tuberculosis, etc.] will set back progress in those fields.
    I am not sure about that. A cie that works on cystic fibrisis cannot turn around it's ship to work on viruses for example. However, maybe in the short term more money was moved into virology.

    But if you look at the global perspective, the fact that we're going to have a vaccine available after about a year is because of efforts made in 2020, yes, but with new platforms and technologies.... that were the fruits of the massive efforts that were made to try and combat HIV 2-3 decades earlier.

    Look at many of the ameneties we have today. They are the direct result of the space race of mid-20th century, etc...
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