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If one is of the view (having arrived at it through their research) that Covid is no more lethal than the flu, then it would follow that they are not in favour of a broad lock-down policy because they believe that something far less elaborate will be more effective at saving lives (all lives - not just Covid lives). If policy makers want to understand why they believe this, they should be open to hearing a transparent discussion of the current science. The letter was written because these scientists don't feel that that is currently taking place.

The letter has now been signed by 3200 medical and public health scientists, 4800 medical personnel, and 73,000 regular people. If nothing else, I hope this leads to some more open dialogue.
More and more scientists and doctors are sharing this view because it's where the scientific data are heading. Saving lives in general, i.e. in all senses (medical including mental health, social and economic).

That would be a good start because right now, as soon as you question the governmental measures and restrictions, you are labelled covidiots or conspirationists even if you don't believe in any conspiration at all (which all are too stupid to waste time discussing honestly). The people who are brainwashed by the media and therefore afraid just wanna shut you up so they'll use any way that's available to discredit you, not to have this conversation and hear your objective rationale.

They wanna be protected and comforted, that's it that's all. A lot of them, not all obviously but a fair portion, are baby-boomers who are either retired or close to without kids or with grown-up kids. They don't face the daily distress of the youth like younger parents do and the disastrous economic consequences that the lockdowns are causing to a whole lot of people, a huge chunk of the society in fact. Their houses and cars are paid, their RRSPs have rebounded well so they will easily survive this little financial hardship. But not all are in their enviable situation, far from it. And it's time we think about them too.

Again, spend the money and put the efforts on those who are vulnerable (seniors and sick people) and let the others resume a more or less normal life, especially kids, teens and young adults who are mostly not affected by this virus with statistically zero fatality rates.