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Do you really think that our public health authorities aren't already considering those two sides?

The strategy here in Canada has been to flatten the curve. When numbers are low like they were not long ago, we had an awful lot of freedom. When numbers start spiking like they are now, then restrictions come into place to get it back under control. You consider a response to a rising trend in daily number to be an overreaction, however health authorities realise that today's daily numbers are actually the picture from two weeks ago.

You say we need to learn to live with this. This strategy is exactly how we are learning to live with this. It will cycle, it will not be fun, but it is a lot more effective than pretending that the pandemic isn't real.

The health consequences of current restrictions, while very real, are not worse than the health consequences of Covid. By railing against public health measures and downplaying the danger, the covidiots are causing the very thing that they are against.
I don't think they do. I think they're overreacting because of the fear they have instilled in the general population and that the media are exacerbating by their sensationalist news and titles (daily number of cases and deaths, etc.), especially the baby-boomers IMHO. Some of them are really freaking out. For example, when you see people alone in their cars wearing a mask, people disinfecting their own cars, people wearing a mask outside with nobody around them, people changing street side not to cross you on the side walk for a split second and even people walking in the middle of the street to make sure they don't cross anyone if they walked on the sidewalk, you can assert that their mental health is not too stable! But I now see day that several times per day...

Jesus, can you imagine what these people would have done in the 1918-1920 Spanish Flu pandemic or worse the 14th century Black Plague pandemic in Europe? They would have gone completely berserk! For those who don't know, in 1347-1348, the plague infected 100% of the population and killed 50% of it across Europe. Spanish Flu was a bit less deadlier (33% infection rate, 10% fatality rate) but still much worse than COVID-19. Today, we're freaking out with a fatality rate of less than 1%!! In fact, more and more scientists are getting to the conclusion that it's actually around 0.1%, very similar to the seasonal flu.

The curve has been flattened and is still relatively flat compared to this Spring. Yet, we're coming back to the same type of lock-down we had despite the hospitalizations are 5 times less and the deaths a handful per day compared to dozens per day in Québec. 75% of the Québec population is now in red zones with very heavy sanitary measures in place.

Kids and teens can't play sports and socialize anymore. Teens have to wear masks all day long, even outside in the school yard! We're killing the creed out of our youth, almost all youth specialists are saying it and yet the government persists in their stubborness. When the Québec Associations of Pediatricians is talking about a "generational sacrifice" (their words not mine), that means we're not just overshooting, we're causing serious and permanent damages.

Said differently, the remedy is much worse than the disease for kids, teens and young adults. In fact, for all people under 70 in good health (without co-morbidities), the health consequences of the current restrictions are worse than the health consequences of COVID. And we're not even talking about the social and ecomonic consequences of the current restrictions, which are also catastrophic in terms of unemployment, poverty, suicides, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and bankrupticies.

It's not just me who said "we need to learn to live with this", the quote is from Dr. Vivek Goel, the founding president and CEO of Public Health Ontario from 2008 to 2014. I think he knows what he's talking about. Who said the pandemic is not real? Nobody ever said that, certainly not me.

A safe and efficient vaccine (development and large-scale distribution) is still several months away if not a full year. But we can't play sanitary yo-yo like this for ever or we'll destroy our economy and the mental health of the population for good: confine for a few months, deconfine for a few months, re-confine for a few months, re-deconfine for a few months. Problem is, Winter is coming, not Summer like last lockdown in the Spring, so we might not get the deconfining break we had this Summer anytime soon. Respiratory viruses (COVID-19, flu, etc.) are seasonal and it may take until next Spring to have a real serious drop in transmissions.

So are we going to stay confined for 6-7 months this time? It's just not humanly possible. Just spending the Holiday seasons without seeing your family is inhumane. For a lot of families, it's the only occasion they have throughout the year to see their brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, parents, grand-parents, uncles and aunts. Yet, it's being discussed right now. Just like Halloween will be scrapped in Québec, Christmas and New Year's Day is next in line. That would terribly sad and I feel there would be a lot of civil disobedience should such a measure be called.

You can obey blindly to the governement measures until Canada has become a fascist state with police entering your private house with just a phone call to get a warrant and fining you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the spot for disobeying the exaggerated rules but I won't because our freedom is too important to me. So as long as we still live in a democracy (maybe not for so long with municipal elections now being cancelled in Québec; what's next, provincial elections?), I will exert my rights and criticize whatever measures I don't agree with.

Also, we're only downplaying the danger compared to how the media and politicians are exaggerating it; we're depicting them in broad delight with the latest data science is providing us. Just the objective truth, nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry for the long post.