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    Quote Originally Posted by peter.gryphon View Post
    I see lots of medical and scientific experts comparing Covid-19 and the flu. In fact, I don't think a day goes by when I don't read, or listen to, exactly that type of comparison.

    Gilligan, you are one of those people who "like(s) to spend lots of time arguing about death rate, yet pay no attention to people actually dying", unless of course the only people dying who we should pay attention to are the ones who die with Covid or had a positive test in the previous few months. I think the difference between you and I, and probably GHF, is that you only seem to be consider Covid deaths to be important. To hell with the deaths that are the collateral damage of lockdowns, even if they are 2 or 3 times greater than those directly linked to Covid.
    Me too!

    And to hell with all the other problems that restrictions and sanitary measures bring along with them too, especially to the youth. For example, after the Québec government just forced kids and teens to stop all team sports and teens to wear masks in the school yard and in class all day long, the Québec Association of Pediatricians, declared in a recent letter sent to the government that "By imposing to wear a mask at all times, by withdrawing sport to the youth, often their only source of balance, we will change nothing to the transmission of COVID inside this age group. [...] By tightening the measures without taking into account the profound nature of adolescence, we're assuredly contributing to a fourth wave a lot more devastating, already started: drop out, depressions, drug abuse, cyberdependance, eating disorders, uncontrollable fears and thought distorsions. We can then talk about a generational sacrifice."

    What about the mental health of the general population. A recent article in La Presse reported that an investigation recently conducted by the University of Sherbrooke found that one Québec adult out of five (20%) is showing symptoms of a major depression or a generalized anxiety trouble. In Montréal, it's one out of four (25%). This is between two and six times more than before the pandemic and this was before the new lockdown!! I can't imagine what it's going to be after.

    That's why a lot of scientists and doctors around the world are starting to raise the flag and say we can't go on like this anymore. The first initiative I've heard of lately comes from two American epidemoliogists (Dr. Bhattacharya
    of Stanford University and Dr. Kulldorff of Harvard University) and a British epidemoliogist (Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University) who started the Great Barrington Declaration. It has now been signed by almost 2000 Medical and Public Health Scientists and over 2100 Medical Practitioners.

    In France, 300 scientists and doctors recently denounced the governmental measures as disproportioned in an open letter. They say "It's urgent to change of sanitary strategy against COVID-19."

    Finally, in Canada, one of the top public health experts, Dr. Vivik Goel, who was the founding president and CEO of Public Health Ontario from 2008 to 2014,
    recently said in an interview to the Toronto Sun that "What we seem to have developed, by and large, is a view that we need to focus on eliminating COVID-19. And we have got people to the point that they’re so scared of COVID-19 that they’re not thinking about all the other consequences. [...] We have to avoid overreacting to the daily numbers [...] and also be clear with Canadians that the strategy is on maximizing overall health. [...] While eradication is a worthy stretch objective, we need to be realistic and unless we’re going to somehow build a wall and become more like New Zealand and have really drastic control measures, it’s going to be really difficult for Canada to have eradication. We have to think about what the world is going to be like until there are effective vaccines fully deployed, and even in that scenario we may still have some cases. So it means we have to learn how to live with this."

    All of them, certainly just a bunch of covidiots who know nothing or, even worse, stupid conspirationists...
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