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    Quote Originally Posted by gilligan View Post
    Canada has over 160,000 cases as 9,316 deaths. The USA has over 7.2 million cases and over 200,000 deaths. You do the math.

    Besides, you completely missed the bloody point. Even if the death rate was only 1%, if it burned through most of the Canadian population that'd be an awful lot of deaths. Whatever the death rate truly is, it has already killed a million people and it is still going strong.

    It is funny that you quote the medial experts to make your point that Covid isn't really that dangerous, but then disagree with the restrictions put in place by people with the same expertise. Almost like you're cherry picking the pieces you want, and leaving out the ones you don't.
    Well, one of us is referencing the CDC and the other is dividing two numbers off of worldometer. But somehow I'm an unscientific conspiracy theorist. Go figure.

    The numbers presented in that table are the CDC's best estimate based on antibody testing done globally and the studies that they use to arrive at the numbers are fully referenced below that table on their site. As the table says, they continue to revise those numbers as more testing is done and new information comes available (all revisions have been lower so far btw).

    The reality is that we really don't know how many infected there have been due to many people being asymptomatic and/or having mild symptoms and not going in to get tested. The more you test, the more infections you find. Iceland is the most tested country in the world (per capita) and has an estimated IFR of 0.3%, heavily skewed towards older people (Source: New England Journal of Medicine). If they were to test their entire population for antibodies, logic suggests that the IFR would drop even further. Even the pro lock-down crowd acknowledge this (as the CDC does on their website) but for some reason you totally choose to ignore this in your 3-6% IFR calculation.

    Anyway, if citing the CDC and the NEJM makes me a conspiracy theorist, it's clear that we won't find much common ground in our discussion, so it's likely a good idea to just agree to disagree.
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