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Alarmist much? You're really going off the deep end here.
I don't know about the rest of Canada but if we continue down the same path, i.e. keep on losing our freedom and civil rights at the same rate we've been losing them over the last 7 months, Québec won't be a democracy anymore in a couple of years.

Who would have thought just a year ago that the government could rule by decrees for several months outside of a war by just renewing the emergency state over and over without parliament votes, compel you to wear a mask everywhere without first proving it's useful, have the police invade your private house with a simple phone call and give you a $1500-ticket on the spot just because you have a visitor at home, forbid you to visit your parents and children or meet them in park and even forbid you to go to a f***ing convenience store outside your living region?

If you're not alarmed by the very slippery ground we're treading on, it's one of two things IMHO: the government brainwash that we're all gonna die if we don't obey blindly what they order us has been very effective upon you OR you don't mind to live in a free country or a dictatorship. I do.