October 1st 2020 is a sad and dark day for democracy and freedom in Canada. As of today, Québec has now officially become a police state dangerously flirting with totalitarianism. In the red zones of the greater Québec City and Montréal areas, representing two thirds of the Québec population, all gatherings are now forbidden whether indoor or outdoor, although research has proven that risks of contamination are extremely low in well-ventilated places.

So you can't receive, visit or meet anywhere anyone who doesn't live under your own roof, not even your direct family (parents, children, brothers and sisters, lover who lives at another address, close friends, etc.) for at least a month. All restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatres, libraries and casinos are closed for at least a month. The period could be extended under a simple decree not even voted at the parliament.

Oh and yeah, fines have been doubled for offenders, now reaching $1000 plus fees ($1500) on first offense. $1500 represents more than the average weekly salary in Québec. So one week's pay to visit your old mother or receive your brother at home! Theoretically, you can visit other parts of the province that are in different colour zones but if you come from a red zone, you can't enter any business there! So if you have a cottage or shack in a yellow or orange zone, you can't even go to the restaurant, the grocery store or the gas station there, it's forbidden!

A warrant is still required to enter private houses but the procedure has been greatly eased for the police to obtain it: judges are now available 24/7 to issue tele-warrants (litterally warrants on the phone) and the police can now give you portable tickets at your door (just like a driving offense) without passing by the DPCP (Director of Penal and Criminal Prosecutions).

Even worse, the media are accomplice of this civil rights holdup in broad daylight. I listened to the Premier's press conference yesterday and no journalists asked any questions as to why the government is going to extremes like this. The governement has totally quelled and subdued the media. There's no more free press in Québec. You can't question the government's motives and measures without being chastized (they will immediately associate you with these conspirationist clowns to take away your credibility) and sent to the pyre without trial as public enemies.

And for what? For fear of a virus that is no more deadly than influenza for people under 70 in good health and harmless to kids, teens and young adults who are submitted to the same insane measures. Joseph Goebbels wouldn't have done a better propaganda job; he must be jealous in his grave.

Essentially, we're now back to the number of cases we were back in May when the same governement eased the first lockdown saying the situation was improving, except there are now 200 some hospitalizations and a couple of deaths per day vs over a thousand hospitalizations and dozens of deaths per day back then but the governement is locking us down again even more severely than this Spring with sanitary measures and police repression always piling up.

Another interesting article from AIER that exactly joins my line of thought this morning. Just a few excerpts: "The devastation compares with wartime except that it was a government-imposed on war on people’s right to move and exchange freely. [...] And remarkably, after all of this, what remains missing is the empirical evidence, from anywhere in the world, that this shocking and unprecedented regime had any effect on controlling much less stopping the virus. Even more remarkably, the few places that remained fully open (South Dakota, Sweden, Tanzania, Belarus), points out Will Jones, “lost no more than lost more than 0.06% of their population to the virus,” in contrast to high deaths lockdown New York and Britain. Early on, most people went along, thinking that it was somehow necessary and short term. Two weeks stretched to 30 days which stretched to 7 months, and now we are told there will never be a time when we don’t practice this new public-policy faith. It’s a new totalitarianism. [...] The enemy is the virus and anyone who isn’t living their life solely to avoid contamination. Because you can’t see the virus, that usually means generating a paranoia of The Other: someone unlike you has the virus. Anyone could be a super spreader and you can recognize them by their noncompliance. [...] Lockdownism has all the expected elements. It has a maniacal focus on one life concern – the presence of pathogens – to the exclusion of every other concern. The least of the concerns is human liberty. The second least concern is the freedom of association. The third least concern is property rights. All of this must bow to the technocratic discipline of the disease mitigators. Constitutions and limits on government do not matter. And notice too how little medical therapeutics even figure in here. It’s not about making people get better. It’s about controlling the whole of life. "

The situation is really getting out of hand and the people has to revolt before it's too late and all our freedom and civil rights are lost thanks to public health control freaks.