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More bad news for the herd immunity strategy.

In Brazil's Amazon a COVID-19 resurgence dashes herd immunity hopes:

Yes and no. "University of Sao Paulo researchers suggested that a drastic fall in COVID-19 deaths in Manaus pointed to collective immunity at work, but they also believe that antibodies to the disease after infection may not last more than a few months." So there is collective immunity being developed. Only problem is, it doesn't to seem to last for long (note the word "believe").

Other problem is the same situation will likely occur with a vaccine (immunity limited in time). So what are we gonna do if even a vaccine is such a temporary solution to the virus? Get coronavirus shots every 2-3 months for the rest of our lives and ask for your medical passport before entering public buildings to check if you're up to date with your vaccines? Remain locked down forever and destroy our societies? This is insane.

We have to learn to live with it, make sure the curve of hospitalisations (not cases because the vast majority of them have mild or no symptoms) remains relatively flat not to overwhelm the health system, protect the most vulnerable (people aged over 70 with other medical conditions) and then trust life.