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Peter, Hydroxychloroquine - no matter how many times it's researched, and tried as a treatment, cure, preventative for Covid 19, fails.
Spud's, you're spouting propaganda. You need to look a little deeper.

For example, you say "no matter how many times it's researched", but do you even know how many studies have been done?

Last time I checked there were 68 HCQ / Covid-19 studies. And 54 of those studies found HCQ was an effective treatment in the early stages of Covid-19. Typically, HCQ reduced the need for hospitalization by approximately 50% and cut the quantity and duration of viral shedding.

Of the 14 studies that say HCQ is of little benefit or has a negative impact, ten of them studied HCQ effectiveness in the late stages of Covid-19 which is irrelevant since no one claims it is effective once patients are already in ICUs or on ventilators. Two major critical studies published in two of the world's top medical journals had to be withdrawn because they used NFG data.