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Nice try pretending not replying to my posts when answering me indirectly thru another post... I feel like Voldemort in Harry Potter!

Oh unless you're talking of Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, who just said in a recent interview to CTV Montréal (September 14th) that COVID-19 is a "respiratory virus similar to seasonal flu, not really more dangerous than seasonal flu, as much transmissible as seasonal flu but, contrary to seasonal flu [OK I'll give you that one], which tends to affect very old and very young people, this virus seems to affect mostly very old people and those with preexisting medical conditions"?

When asked by La Presse for further comments, he said his answer is "based on the study conducted by Dr. John Ionnadis of Stanford University that shows the fatality rate, with regards to the infection rate, is essentially the same for influenza and COVID-19".

FYI, Dr. Rosenberg is President and CEO of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montréal and Professor of Surgery and Medicine at McGill University.

Finally, the hospitals are very far from being overwhelmed. Did you know that 6000 beds are reserved for COVID-19 patients in Québec hospitals whereas only 168 of them are occupied right now? That's less than 3%. Going down from 1800 hospitalizations at the peak in April to less than than 200 today, which is a 90% reduction, the curve has been flattened big time.
I know you are anxious, but stop crying wolf please.