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    In an interview with the French language newspaper,Le Droit. Marcel made some pretty strong statements to live up to. such as how he wants to have the team that Western and Laval are chasing. Never heard that kind of bravado from Jamie. I will be pulling for him and hope that we are not disappointed with his results. Here is the Google English Translation.

    Gee Gees will once again become a power, according to Marcel Bellefeuille

    Le Droit

    The University of Ottawa is pleased to repatriate a "member of the Gee Gees family". Marcel Bellefeuille has left an assistant coach position with the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League (CFL) to accept the position of head coach with his alma mater.
    "We wanted to hire someone who would have an immediate impact," said university sports director Sue Hylland when confirming "the least well-kept secret in Ottawa."
    Bellefeuille, she recalled, led the Gee Gees during their last Vanier Cup conquest in 2000.
    The bilingual trainer, who returns home with a few more gray hairs, is convinced that he can return to these successes.

    He even believes that, under his leadership, the Gee Gees will be able to aspire to the national championship on an almost annual basis.
    He even goes so far as to predict that his team will become the benchmark across the country.
    "I don't want to lead the team that competes with the Western Mustangs. I want us to become the team that Western is chasing in the standings. I don't want to lead the team that will compete with the Laval University Rouge et Or. I want us to form the team that Laval is chasing, "he said towards the end of the virtual conference during which he was presented to the media.
    “For that to be possible, you must first adopt the right attitude. We have to have the right frame of mind to move forward. I have tools in my trunk to build it all. ”

    "I want us to become the model to follow, everywhere, in the country."
    Bellefeuille's predecessor, Jamie Barresi, left him a house in order. The Gee Gees have maintained a 16-8 record over the past three seasons.
    To reach his ambitious goals, the new boss will still have to roll up his sleeves.
    The Mustangs, Ontario's number one power, did not suffer a single loss in the regular season during the same period.

    “I want us to become the model to follow, everywhere, in the country. "
    - Marcel Bellefeuille

    Bellefeuille is aware that there will be several challenges.
    "Over the past 20 years, football has changed a lot," he admits.
    “When we won the Vanier Cup in 2000, I was a young coach who mastered a few strategies. I acquired several tools during the years that followed, during my time in professional football. I'm coming back to university with a pretty full toolbox. ”
    He believes he will have no trouble adapting to the next generation of student athletes.
    "I'm not sure how to explain it, but young people today have very high football IQs. Their ability to master game concepts makes them superior to players of previous generations. Social networks and video games may have something to do with it. It may be the Madden effect, ”he says.
    “I achieved my goals, in the professional ranks. "I believe that in the next few years of my career, I may have a greater impact on the lives of college players."

    The Gee Gees have maintained a 16-8 record over the past three seasons.

    Twenty-five candidates
    A total of 25 people applied when it came time to replace Barresi.
    The selection committee interviewed five men.
    Among them was the Gee Gees' defensive coordinator, Jean-Vincent Posy-Audette.
    This new generation coach, highly respected by the players, will have the chance to keep his position.
    Bellefeuille should himself choose the games of the Gee Gees, on offense, during their next seasons.
    "We're going to start like that," he said. Eventually, I would like to cede this responsibility to someone else. Experienced coaches should join our team. ”

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    Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa adopted its official colours Garnet and Grey, and like many nineteenth-century institutions, the athletics teams were known only by the school's colours. Eventually, a connection was made between the shorthand "GGs" and "Gee-Gee", the common British nickname for a racehorse. The unique Gee-Gees name and iconic logo known today is a result of 170 years of history in Ottawa

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