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Thread: Official: University of Ottawa hires Marcel Bellefeuille as football head coach

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    I just got off a 40 minute teleconference where Marcel was introduced to some Gee-Gee supporters and some questions were asked.

    I will add more of what I heard to this post as I sort things out.

    Edit 1: the members of the selection committee are listed in the post above this one. There were 25 applicants and five were interviewed by teleconference.
    Each interviewee was also asked to make a presentation (I paraphrase)--"What does a perennial championship contender look like under your leadership?"

    Edit 2: Marcel (Mars) promised to be very transparent as to what he is doing. He said he wanted to talk to and engage former players, alumni, and fans--answer their questions, whenever he could. He mentioned the football clinics for women that the CFL has been doing and wants to do something like that at the university.
    I did not get all that he said about recruiting, but it sort of sounded like he wants to set up some sort of formal national recruiting program or system. I will have to pay attention in the coming months to see if that is what he mean't.
    He mentioned that he wants to move the program from chasing the others to a position of being chased.

    Edit3: Neil Lumsden has stepped down as the Chairman of the 1881 Gee-Gee Football Alumni Association and Tom Casagrande (90's era) has assumed the Chair. Marcel says he will make a presentation to 1881 outlining the needs of the program and ask them how they might help in meeting these needs. I assume he will wait until he gets into the swing of things and has time to evaluate the situation.

    Edit 4: when it comes to recruiting in Quebec he wants uOttawa to become among the top three choices of every CEGEP graduate.

    Edit 5: Keen eyes, reading the hiring announcement, will have seen that Sue Hylland now has the the title Director of Varsity Athletics rather than her former title of Director of Sport Services. Sport Services is being broken up and Varsity Athletics will be a stand alone Department. Intramural and recreational sport will be run by others.
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