Scott Radley column in The Hamilton Spectator: One Wish for 2021: The return of kids sports

I hope we can all agree ...

So, here’s hoping 2021 brings back kids’ sports. And fast.

Because honestly, the thought that some children might miss another year of whatever it is they love to do — years they can’t get back because they’re only a kid once — is simply heartbreaking.
The way I look at it, we already know that Covid-19, like almost all other respiratory viruses, is highly seasonal. In northern climates that means April/May through to October outdoor sports can be played safely with a few precautions, particularly youth sports where the participants are at low risk of contracting or spreading the virus. Add in the fact that Canada will be 4 or 5 months into vaccine distribution and there is no reason that youth sports organizations shouldn't be preparing now for "summer" seasons in 2021.

I do worry that some organizations [i.e. Football Ontario] will dither around and wait until July before giving the OK to play. At that point it will be too late for the OPFL, OVFL & OFC to play summer seasons. I have little confidence that much if any HS football will be played in Ontario in 2021 even if everything goes well in this province. Wipe out another summer season and the 2021 HS football season and I doubt football will ever recover in Ontario.

Perhaps, our "beloved U Sports leaders" should think about starting football season several weeks earlier than usual. For example, open training camps in late July, begin games the 2nd week of August and start playoffs in early October with the Vanier Cup scheduled for Saturday, Oct 30.