Hogwash. The reason the deaths are low is because we locked down. If we truly returned to status quo, rather than just a measured opening, we'd soon be like Wuhan and northern Italy. Mass deaths, many which would be preventable. The virus we have here no different than the virus they fought there. The only difference between here and there is that they didn't get on top of it in time.

Some nations have kept its spread under control even while opening up a bit. Others found it grew right away when they tried to open up, and had to back off. When Germany started to open up, their cases and hospitalizations started to spike again, though not yet into really dangerous territory. Whereas neighbouring Austria took similar measures and haven't yet seen the same rise. Where Canada falls will depend on a lot of factors.

You're right that we as a society may need to find a way to live with this virus, and that there may never be a vaccine. A strategy that depends 100% on one would be unwise. However, that doesn't mean we should just forget about trying to stop it its spread. A multi-year complete lock-down of everything won't be the answer long term, so we'll need measures to open up safely and monitor for outbreaks.

The narrative that the scientists and doctors were wrong are Fox News falsehoods. There is plenty enough data to easily disprove that. Even crazier is the idea that politicians are locking things down not for our safety, but as some liberal conspiracy to control us and destroy the economy. What reason any politician would have to destroy their own economies is rather unclear. It doesn't take much logic to figure out that destroying the economy is not an election strategy that any politician would pursue. Maybe, just maybe, the reasons behind the measures taken were based on sound medicine rather than nutty conspiracies.