In the hardest hit areas, the deaths have been staggering. I know a few people in New York. Every one of them has either family or friends who died, and none of them have any friends in New York who don't also know someone who died.

Same in Wuhan. I work with someone who has family there. By late February, five people on their street had died from it. And in northern Italy, it got bad enough that doctors had to choose who lived and who died.

It might be that we know enough now that we don't have to completely lock things down, but the "back to normal" by next month that Trump is pushing just isn't feasible. Here in Canada, they're estimating that a lot a whole lot more people have been exposed and recovered than we realize, but even their highest estimates have 37 million who have yet to be infected. That is most of the population. Since none of those people are immune, a return to normal would shortly result in us becoming northern Italy. That'd lead to thousands of unnecessary deaths.

Sure poverty and stress have risks, but they don't fill up intensive care units and kill thousands of people per day. The government is taking care of people who lost their jobs. The ecomony won't magically come back during a pandemic, so what else should they do? Kill tens of thousands to avoid a bit of national debt? Seems pretty heartless.